Safe and Sound in Vietnam!

We had a perfect day in San Francisco–even the weather cooperated with us as it was warm and fog-less! We met up with Peter’s friend so we had a personal tour guide and car which allowed us to see a lot in just a day! After a hefty breakfast (needed for the walking that we were about to do), we headed to the golden gate bridge, a must for tourists like ourselves! With the weather being so gorgeous, we had fabulous views of the bay and of the bridge! We walked from one side to the other, exploring the remains of the fort and different pathways along the way. We made a stop at Fort Point, a fort that was made to defend against the San Francisco bay during the American Civil War. We trekked back to the car and headed to Chinatown where we walked around and browsed at a few of the souvenir shops. I even got to try Boba (bubble) tea for the first time. A few of my classmates from San Francisco rave about Boba tea so I had to try it… and I must say, it was pretty delicious! After, we hiked up to Coit Tower which offered beautiful views of all directions of San Francisco including the famous Lombard street. Then, we were off to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf or Pier 39! Of course I loved seeing the countless sea lions that were soaking up the sunrays along with all of the people that were out and about. We walked around, exploring many of the shops along the way, before stopping for some calamari and clam-chowder (in a bread bowl of course)… yum! By late afternoon, we headed back towards Chinatown via Little Italy where coffee shops, pasta, and gelato stands lined both sides of the road–it looked absolutely delicious! After an exhausting day of walking all around San Francisco, we were off for a well-deserved dinner which was delicious! Afterwards, we headed back for the night and packed up as we were heading to the airport in the morning.

The morning of our departure arrived and we made a few quick errands for last minute things before heading to the airport where we met up with our fourth group member, Laura. The airline was very accommodating and sat us all together which was nice for our 12-hour flight to Seoul, South Korea. The flight went smooth and thankfully, I was able to sleep for most of it! When we originally booked, we had over an hour for a layover but with delays and changed flight times, we had only about 15 minutes when we arrived in Seoul. Fortunately, a member from the airline met us right as we got off of the flight, stuck a “short-transfer” sticker on each of us, and we were off running (literally) through the airport to our next gate, passing through another international security checkpoint on the way. We had two minutes until our flight was supposed to take off but we were all very grateful that we were able to get onto our next flight (on a 747!)! The second flight was only about five hours and again, I enjoyed a nice nap so the time went fast… and soon enough we were in Ho Chi Minh City! Unfortunately our luggage wasn’t so lucky in making the connecting flight but we are hoping that it arrives today or tomorrow! After heading through customs then out of the airport where we experienced the humid, hot weather for the first time (a little concerning as it was about 11 o’clock at night!). We found a taxi then headed to our hotel for the night which turned out to be huge! We have a kitchen, living room area, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms… not too rough of living over here! After a quick phone call home to ensure the parents of my safety, it was off to bed as there are full days to come!

Safe and sound!!

Eddie, me, Peter by the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street from Coit Tower

Fisherman’s Wharf


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