Lazy Summer Days

The lazy summer days have settled in as I have enjoyed a very slow lifestyle these past few days… one that is otherwise usually completely unknown to me!  Saturday was the first real Cape Town summer day… and it was hot!  We began the day by going to the Old Biscuit Mill… possibly my last time there?  I’m not liking this whole doing things for the last time… just definitely not a fan!  Anyways, we spent ALL morning and into the afternoon walking around the mill… I will definitely miss our Saturday morning traditions of OBM each week.  We even had to say goodbye to some of the vendors that we have gotten to know over the past month… they know us pretty well as we are weekly customers!  Then we headed towards Green Market Square which is essentially a huge market with handmade goods, curios, and souvenirs.  We were all incredibly hot and sweaty so we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach and what a good choice that was!  We hit up the Clifton beaches, arguably the most popular here in Cape Town and when we got there, we instantly realized that just about everyone else in Cape Town had the same idea as we did!  The beach was absolutely packed… but it was evident that the summer season was in full force as lifeguards patrolled the water and there were plenty of ice cream stands.  The water is surprisingly very cold all year round but after laying out for a little bit and soaking up the sun, we braved the cold and headed into the water.  After just a few minutes, our legs and feet were numb making the water not so bad after all.  I headed back early to make it to campus (where there is free internet!) to watch the Husker game… I’ll stop right there with that train of thought.  Despite the outcome of the game, it was an absolutely perfect day here in Cape Town filled with food, friends, and of course the beach!

The past two days have been pretty lazy but absolutely wonderful.  I have packed up most of my belongings and have spent a lot of time just hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and saying goodbyes.  The last of the people are slowly dwindling.  As I said before, our program ended on the 17th so most people left that day except for a few stragglers.  Since, people have slowly been leaving so it has been constant goodbyes… which are pretty rough!  I’ve run some errands and finished up the last souvenir shopping and just about wrapped up my time here in Cape Town.  It still hasn’t settled in that I will be home in just about a week… who knows where the time has gone.  However, this last week I presume will be the best week yet!

Looking forward to seeing you all very, very soon!


View from the new apartment

Last OBM

Couldn’t be happier!

Clifton Beach–it was packed!


A little rugby on the beach

Toni, Me, and Maddie at the beach!


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