Lion’s Head Take Two… And it’s Still Gorgeous!

Well, my IES program is officially over and most people departed back to the states yesterday… wow, it is crazy how fast four months can go.  But, then again, looking back it is also amazing how much you can do in a matter of four months.  Of course it was hard saying goodbye to everyone as they have become my close friends these past months and the uncertainty of when I’ll see anyone again weighs on you… of course I would love to see everyone next week but the reality of that happening (or anytime soon) is slim to none… so of course the goodbyes were tough.

We had a big “last supper” with a bunch of people from the program on Wednesday night, the night before everyone left.  We headed out to Kalk Bay to a restaurant called “The Brass Bell.”  The restaurant was incredible as it was completely surrounded by glass and during high tide, waves would crash up against the windows.  We enjoyed watching the sunset over the ocean and reminisced about the trip… a trip that was certainly once-in-a-lifetime.  I did a bit more exploring during the day (prior to dinner) as I headed to Llandudno, arguably the prettiest beach here in Cape Town.  It was a mission to get there however, as it involved two minibuses and a city bus… I have actually become pretty good at navigating throughout Cape Town using the minibuses but it can get a bit confusing when it involves so many connections and such… but I made it!  The beach was gorgeous and the weather was perfect… the wind plays a major factor in beach days here in Cape Town as it seems to always be windy.  Personally, I am not a fan what-so-ever of sand so sand blowing everywhere is not my favorite thing!  Luckily though, this beach was pretty secluded and sheltered thus the wind wasn’t an issue… score!  The pictures can speak for themselves but the beach was picture perfect… and so relaxing with some music and a book!

Yesterday was devoted to staying close to home for the majority of the day for goodbyes and such.  It is definitely different living a home alone with none of my housemates or not being able to call up friends to see what is going on for the night and such.  It will take a bit of adjustment I suppose!  We got in some time at UCT’s pool however, which was spectacular… especially without sand involved!  Fortunately there are still a few people left to explore more of Cape Town with and to enjoy the hot summer weather that is upon us here.  I told them about the sunset hike we went on two days before and they all seemed pretty excited about wanting to go so I agreed to go with them and show them the ways… playing a bit of a tour guide role.  The hardest part about exploring is just knowing which minibuses to take to get to certain locations and the routes and such as taxis can get extremely expensive!  Anyways, I hiked up Lion’s Head once again (that is twice in three days!  Such a good workout) and yet again the sunset was incredible!  Despite seeing the same thing just two days before, it still blew me away!

Today was devoted to souvenirs… definitely a fun day but hard on the wallet!  I headed down to the Waterfront to do some shopping and managed to do quite well!  I also had to move from my Alma dwelling (which I already miss), across the street to the apartments (where some of the kids were living all semester) so I came back and reorganized everything after the move… one pays the price for packing so much… oops!  Anyways, tonight I went out to eat with some of the remaining people which was nice… a relaxing way to end the week!

More exploring to come but I will be back in the states in just about a week and a half… crazy!




Ridiculousness on the Train

And on the train…

Top of Lion’s Head

So pretty!



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