Sunset on Lion’s Head

It has certainly been a busy fast few days here in Cape Town as I am making the most of my little time left here in South Africa.

On Sunday, I headed to Hout Bay with some friends to visit a morning market.  Although it wasn’t as big as the Old Biscuit Market that I have previously spoken about, it was still a decent-sized market with lots of goods, food, and entertainment… they even had a small marching band and men dressed as statues.  Afterwards, I headed down to the Waterfront before heading to Cold Turkey.  Cold Turkey is similar to Mzolis, which I visited during one of my first few weeks here in Cape Town.  Essentially, it is a huge party every other Sunday that lasts throughout the afternoon and evening.  Tons of friends gather to enjoy the music and have fun.  They also serve up delicious braai (South African barbecues)… yum!  The weather was absolutely perfect out making for a fabulous afternoon/evening.

Monday was filled with exploring as I headed downtown with some friends beginning at the Cape Quarters , a “lifestyle shopping center” or upscale area in Green Point.  We proceeded to the Prestwich Memorial at St. Andrew’s Square, a memorial commemorating enslaved individuals of Cape Town, dating back to the seventeenth century.  Then we stopped by the gold museum and the Heritage Square on our way to Bo-Kaap and the Bo-Kaap museum.  Bo-Kaap , formerly an area known as the Cape Malay, is essentially a township on the side of Signal Hill with a prominent Indian influence.  Bright, colorful houses line the cobblestone streets.  They even had signs for their annual festival… which lasts for half of the year—go figure out that one!  I find it so interesting that Cape Town has such unique neighborhoods that are close in walking distance.  The rest of the day was devoted to a birthday celebration.

Today was spent exploring more of Kalk Bay and spending some time at Muizenberg before a special night activity.  The program technically ends on the 17th (Thursday—even though I am technically staying longer) but I am beginning to associate everything with it being my last time to do whatever—further strengthening the reality that the inevitable is bound to happen soon… in fact, tomorrow is our last night here with everyone—something that seemed so distant when we all met back in July.  Anyway, the special night activity was hiking Lion’s Head for a view of the sunset.  Turns out that this definitely makes my top favorite things of Cape Town list as the night was incredible!  Not only is the view so picturesque in all views from the top (Table Mountain, the city, the beaches) but with the combination of a sunset, it was spectacular.  It was a perfect way to end the day and a good closure to the program!

One more day with the group as a whole before I take on Cape Town by my lonesome for a few days!  I think I’ll be able to manage :).


Hout Bay

The Colorful Streets of Bo-Kaap


Sunset from Lion’s Head

Taking it all in!

Cape Town 🙂


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  1. deb

    WOW! enjoy your family!

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