A New Adventure Everyday

I set a goal for myself that once classes were over and summer came around, I would do at least one new and exciting thing every single day for the duration of my time here in Cape Town.  Being here already for four-plus months, I have seen and done a lot but surprisingly there is still a lot to see and do!

Thursday, I was off to visit an area of Cape Town called Constantia.  It is famous for its wine lands here within the city which are absolutely gorgeous.  It has a completely different feel than most other parts of Cape Town as more retired people live here and the living is very relaxed and laid back… but the scenery is just absolutely incredible with the rolling hills and vineyards.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stay very long to explore as I had to return home to begin cooking for our Thanksgiving meal.  Despite the day actually being two weeks before legitimate Thanksgiving, we decided it would be a good way to celebrate being an entire “Alma family” for the last time as one of my housemates left early Friday morning.  Everyone decided what they were going to make (I made stuffing… yum!) and we had a feast… literally a feast!  It was wonderful and such a great way to spend one night together.  My house in particular has gotten really close as we all spend a lot of time together and fortunately we all get along really well so it was extremely sad to say goodbye.

On Friday, I hit up the Heart of Cape Town museum… which was incredible!  I have always been interested in Cardiology (literally since about the age of seven) so this museum was definitely for me!  It showcased the story of the world’s first heart transplant that took place here in Cape Town at Groote Schuur hospital, the same hospital associated with UCT’s medical school.  The transplant took place on December 3, 1967 by Christian Barnard thus the tour focused on his life, the story, his medical impact, and his success… like I said, as I am very interested in the subject, I found the tour to be spectacular!  After the tour, I ventured over to Bloubergstrand which sits on Table Bay and has an unbelievable view… in fact, that just may be an understatement, but I’ll let you decide for yourself!  I spent the afternoon listening to music, reading (for pleasure… this is definitely a first), and walking along the ocean to see and take in some of the most incredible sites I have yet to see here in South Africa (all while getting a nice sunburn… Oops).

Today was full of further exploring as I ventured from the Newlands forest to Kirstenbosch with some friends.  We didn’t exactly know where we were going but knew the general vicinity so we figured we’d go with it and see what we found… which actually turned out to be really neat.  We found an abandoned zoo which turned out to be Cecil Rhode’s personal zoo that was in operation until the 1970s.  We also found a dam along the way.  It was pretty hot out so by the end of our four hour hike that took us a few miles up and down the side of Table Mountain, we made it to Kirstenbosch.  The hike was difficult but the views made it certainly worth it!  We had a lot of fun making our own paths as well, climbing on rocks, hanging from trees, and having fun during the hike!

Well, I am making the most of the time I have left here in this amazingly beautiful place.  In fact, this past week, Table Mountain became one of the new seven natural wonders… pretty cool!  More adventure time ahead!



Alma Thanksgiving with Special Guests

Display of the First Heart Transplant at the Heart of Cape Town Museum

Rough Life

Love Cape Town!

The Dam… so pretty

Up, up, up

The view from the hike… so worth it!

Just climbing on some trees

And down, down, down



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