One Final Left!

This past week was definitely my hard week of finals as I had gender, biology, history, and my health research paper so most of my time was dedicated to finishing up the semester and doing well on the finals.  As I mentioned, finals are pretty serious here as they are worth about half of your grade so not doing well or blowing off a final isn’t really an option… oh and if you don’t pass the final, you don’t pass the class despite your grade before the final.

My biology test was definitely the hardest as it was cumulative thus any and all information from the class was fair game.  Obviously I’ve had cumulative biology tests before but my biology class this semester met for five days a week compared to the usual three at home… thus lots and lots of information had to be known.  Not only was it a large amount of information but the subject was so vast as the class covered invertebrates and vertebrates with pretty deep content for each.  So I spent most of the weekend with my housemates studying on the couch in the living room.  My biology test was Monday morning and the two-hour test consisted of ten lengthy answers along with two essay questions.  I’ve never really had a biology test that was strictly essay-based and to be honest, I don’t really think it is a good representation of one’s knowledge.  Basically, it was little pieces of information asked from random sections and it didn’t really focus on the concepts as a whole… plus I think it’s hard to judge one’s understanding on twelve questions… but fortunately the test went well!

My next test was today, Thursday, which was my history final.  In the meantime however, I had a big research paper due for my health class as well.  So with both of these, I was pretty focused on for the duration of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday trying to get everything finished.  Fortunately, everything went well and I just have one test left!  My last test is a biology practical test which surprisingly could be pretty difficult.  I decided that I have done far too much studying this past week and was far too sleep deprived to be productive anyways so I decided to take a day off from work.  So, after my final this morning I packed up for the day and headed to the beach with a friend.  It was exactly what I needed—some relax time filled with napping, music, and reading as I spent the day under the warm sun!  The beach was gorgeous as well so I literally couldn’t have asked for a better day.  We met up with a few friends for dinner before having a free night… with no homework involved!

Well, school is almost over and I have absolutely no idea where this semester has gone.  Although we started school in July, it seems like just a few weeks ago.  I still have a little bit of time left here in South Africa and I can assure you that I will make the most of it… especially since the summer weather has just arrived!


Clifton Beaches

So gorgeous!

Cape Town = Love

Camps Bay Area.  Oh Cape Town.



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