Last Day of School Before Finals

Today is the last day of classes here at UCT.  Although I am quited to be done with classes and such, it is certainly bittersweet as inevitably what soon follows is something I have not been looking forward to this entire trip, which is going home.  Fortunately I have just a bit more than a month left over here in this beautiful place so I still have lots of exploring and time to do so once school and finals are done.  Finals begin next week and their final system is a little different than home.  Finals here are a two-hour test which accounts for about 50% of your grade… so I will be studying my little tail off until school is done.  They heavily weight their final exams which definitely has its pros and cons.  For instance, in my history class, I won’t get a question about what significant events happened in South Africa in 1936 but rather the questions are going to be much broader, which will be nice.  However, it does put a lot of pressure on 120 minutes of your life!  For biology, I compiled my powerpoint slides of which there are about 600 in total that I have to learn… so much for my “easier” semester?  Oh well, a lot of work is in order but that will all be done soon.

This past week has been one of work however it hasn’t been too productive… but that’s alright!  I have talked to a lot of people at home as Creighton is on Fall Break this week so it has been great catching up with everyone.  On Monday night, we went to the restaurant that is a “must-do” for tourists… called Mama Africa.  It was so much fun—such a good atmosphere with live, African music the entire night.  They also served very traditional, authentic South African food… which was delicious!  On the menu were also a bunch of delicacies, most of which was game meat.  I enjoyed Pumbaa’s relative for dinner (warthog) which was excellent… also, fun fact: Pumbaa has two a’s!  These are the memories, with good friends, that I will never forget and look back and reminisce on when I am back home.

As the school year is coming to an end, as the school-year begins in January for them, they have been having end-of-the-year everything before finals.  So, this past week I attended two concerts.  The first was a music performance by music majors here at UCT.  Most of the pieces were more classical but the musicians were incredible—there was a violinist, clarinetist, flautist, a few pianists, and the most amazing piano duet I have ever heard.  So the performance was definitely relaxing and a good way to hear and appreciate true, music talent.  The concert hall, in which the concert was held, was absolutely gorgeous as well—such a nice, upscale place… and did I mention upscale!  The next night, I headed back to campus for the UCT’s end-of-the-year Jammie Concert.  The performance was amazing as well, some of the best harmonies and one of the best choral performances I’ve ever heard!  They sang a mix of music from African melodies to more modern music like Coldplay.  It was so enjoyable and again, incredible!

Well, I am off to do some more studying—unfortunately, I haven’t had very good persistence and concentration so breaks happen far too often… hence this blog post!  Anyways, wishing you the best as always… and for kind of the first legit time, I can officially say that I will see you soon!  However, there are certainly mixed feelings about that last statement!


Disclaimer: obviously this does no justice for the view but put your imagination to work and you can get a sense of how picturesque it would be!

I also uploaded some pictures of campus–this is upper campus where most of the classes are held… the buildings extend to the left and the right but it shows how it sits at the base of Table Mountain.

And here is a top view showing the downside to being on a mountain… there are stairs everywhere.  There are also more stairs that lead up to another portion of campus that is further up the mountain than this… I mean, at least you get some good calf muscles, right?!?


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