Rocking the Daisies!

What a crazy, awesome weekend!  A few of us from my program headed about an hour North of Cape Town to Darling where the annual Rocking the Daisies festival takes place.  Basically, more than ten-thousand people gather for this huge music festival over the course of the weekend, lasting from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  After figuring out the logistics of finding and renting a tent here in Cape Town, transportation to the event, tickets for the event, and everything else for a weekend full of fun, we were off to Darling to enjoy the festival!

The festival was very well organized—the cars were separated from the camping area which was separate from the actual festival, allowing for everything to run very smoothly.  We set up camp and claimed our spot for the weekend, next to a few people that we sort-of indirectly knew of.  Of course with festivals and such like this, usually your neighbors eventually become your friends anyways as everyone seems to be very friendly, laid back, and in a similar mindset… which is exactly what happened.  We got to know our neighbors and interacted with them a little bit but we also met a lot of other really cool people at the festival as well!

The festival took place at a vineyard… so essentially on a random plot of land on the countryside surrounded by mountains.  The place was gorgeous, yet isolated to an extent that allowed for a festival of this size to take place.  As I said, the festival area was on a different portion of the wine lands than the camping area.  It consisted of four stages that had ongoing entertainment throughout the weekend.  One of the stages was devoted to entertainment and had comedians, magicians. Hypnotists, and other entertainment-like things.  Two tents had DJs and dance music that lasted all day and into the night.  The biggest attraction however was the main stage that had an ongoing lineup of artists.  All of the bands were South African so I didn’t know the music but most of the people there were familiar with the music and were singing along.  We definitely still had fun however despite not knowing the music!

The festival was very relaxed and one could do just about anything they wanted.  Glass wasn’t allowed anywhere on the grounds but everything else was fair game—the glass rule was especially nice however as you didn’t have to worry about stepping on anything that would cut you, especially in the dark.  They also had a nice dam area where you could go swimming or layout during the day… the weather was HOT (upper 90s, low 100s), so swimming and hanging out by the dam was a must… along with the ice cream that we all took advantage of!  The festival did have showering facilities but we decided to rough it for the weekend… but we were all pretty gross by the time Sunday afternoon came around… especially with the weather being as hot as it was!

The rugby world cup is also going on right now—it is huge here as it happens just once every four years and this year it is being played in New Zealand.  Because of the time difference, the games are played at awkward times in the morning… for instance, the South African game started at 7 am on Sunday… this didn’t’ stop people from watching the game however.  They showed the game on the screen of the main stage as thousands of people gathered to watch.  It was really fun watching in that environment, surrounded by die-hard rugby fans… despite not knowing a whole lot about what was going on, it was still really fun!  Unfortunately they lost to Australia, so South Africa was officially eliminated… bummer!  Also, fun random fact: The United States also has a rugby team that plays in the world cup… who would have known!

The weekend overall was a lot of fun—definitely a South African experience that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on!  We all had a fabulous time and got to know some locals as well.  I even got a nice tan—perfect for the upcoming summer weather!

4 stages, 3 days, 2 nights, 1 successful Rocking the Daisies music festival!


Rocking the Daisies!

So many people!




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