Continuing the Adventures in Cape Town

After spending all day studying and preparing for my biology test on Monday, I was relieved that the test was finally over and I had my life back… or so I thought!  My test, which consisted of only four short answer questions—so essentially you were in quite a bit of trouble if you were clueless on just one of them—was during the first hour of my lab practical from 3-5.  The test went well and I figured the rest of the lab session would be a breeze… well, I was wrong!  The lecturer handed out a four-page in-depth reading over teeth of vertebrates… all of the different kinds, what they are used for, how they have adapted, why they adapted, and just about anything else you could ever want to know about teeth.  Then our lecturer informed us that we had about an hour and a half to learn all of the material before we had a test… awesome.  So the rest of lab was a bit hectic but I was really relieved when I was actually done for the day!  Oh, school.

As a reward for spending most of last week studying for biology, I spent a lot of time Tuesday and Wednesday exploring… and if you haven’t figured out by now, exploring is one of my favorite things to do!  Anyways, Tuesday I headed to Muizenberg after class—luckily the weather was pretty decent out, a bit windy, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the day!  I walked up and down the coast, watched the surfers, and relaxed as I took in the spring day.  There were a few guys who were kite wakeboarding which was pretty cool—essentially they just had a massive kite and took advantage of the strong wind in order to maneuver through the waves and wakeboard.  Muizenberg has a big surfing population as well—in fact, I have always wanted to learn how to surf… so maybe I will even take a few lessons once the weather gets nicer and we start to enter the summer months.

That night, I headed to my weekly volunteering at SHAWCO.  We were back in a township but this time we were working at an actual clinic rather than a mobile clinic which was much nicer—certainly much warmer at least!  The setup was a bit different as well as we had a screening room which made the entire process much more efficient.  I volunteered to work in the screening room which was awesome.  Basically it was me and another first year medical student who did all of the screenings for the night.  So, we took assessed why they came to the clinic, took their history, took their vitals (heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, etc), and even did basic tests if they were necessary such as pregnancy tests and urine dipsticks to check for a number of things, one being urinary tract infections.  I was kind of shocked that we were trusted enough to take care of the screenings without any overseer but it was really neat given the opportunity.  I was even teaching the first year things… kind of cool!

Anyways, today was yet another day of exploring.  After school, I headed towards the Waterfront area where I spent some time walking around and enjoying the day—the weather was basically perfect so I definitely took full advantage!  I made my way towards the Green Point area and wandered around a bit, trying to familiarize myself with the area.  Green Point Stadium is cleverly enough located in Green Point and was built for the World Cup last year.  Ironically enough, Cold Play was in concert there tonight so they were preparing for the night as they had streets blocked off and police enforcement everywhere… I even figured out my deal life plan: move to Cape Town and join the mounted police force… ok not really…, but how awesome would that be!  They don’t get many concerts here, big names at least, so when one does come to town (such as Cold Play) it seems as if they entire town is in attendance!  I walked around for most of the afternoon before heading home and working on homework for the remainder of the night.  Finals are coming up which is crazy to think about… but that also means that it is crunch time and that lots of papers will be due in these final weeks… ugh!  Oh well… things will get done, they always seem to!

The rugby world cup has taken over South Africa.  The world cup happens once every four years and is a huge sporting event.  Because it is located in New Zealand this year, all of the games are at awkward times in the morning, starting between 7 and 10.  The town goes crazy on game day and it reminds me a lot of Lincoln on football Saturdays.  It is kind of amusing seeing all of the bar deals for a seven o’clock game as they’re advertising breakfast deals and beer… hm!  And did you know that America has a rugby team in the world cup as well… however we aren’t so good from what I hear!

Also one of the main highlights of the day… I saw Dr. Pepper for the first time in four months!  I found a specialty store that imports a lot of “crazy” items such as Dr. Pepper and freaked out just a bit!  Unfortunately they didn’t have Diet Dr. Pepper (what I live off of at home) and it was pretty darn expensive but it was nice to see a bit of home!  By the way, their drink choices are pretty darn limited over here—they basically only have Coke Products including Coke, Coke Light (Diet Coke), Sprite, and Fanta.

I have many more exciting things planned for tomorrow along with this weekend so stay tuned to find out what they are!  Hope all is going well at home!


Kite Wakeboarding at Muizenberg

Colorful Huts at Muizenberg

Waterfront–the amphitheater and the Ferris Wheel


Green Point Stadium

My future career…, oh, if only!

Beautiful Cape Town Sunset



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