Simon’s Town

Well, I’m paying for my lack of work last week as I’ve been busy working hard in the library the last few days trying to catch up, but all of the adventuring was certainly worth it!  I have a big biology test coming up Monday and a few papers due so I am dreading being inside while the weather is nice but there is certainly motivation to get my work done so I can do outside and enjoy the weather!

I enjoyed watching the Husker game on Saturday/Sunday morning despite the game starting at 1:30 and getting home around 5:30.  I only got a few hours of sleep before I was up early and headed off to Simon’s Town for the day for yet another day of adventuring around the area.  Simon’s Town was about an hour away by train and despite being so far, it is still actually considered a part of Cape Town.  With it being National Heritage Day last Saturday, they were having a big festival for the weekend so we decided to go check it out.  Simon’s Town is also where the penguins were that we visited back during the first week of orientation… but we didn’t get to really explore the area as we were there solely for the penguins so it was nice to actually have some time to walk around and such this time.

Not to mention the weather was absolutely perfect out—and it is starting to get hot, like beach weather which is fabulous!  The train ride was very enjoyable as it was right along the coast the entire time and seriously had some of the prettiest scenery I have yet to see here in South Africa.  I am constantly blown away by how beautiful this country is… I don’t really think it could ever get old either!  Anyways, it was a cute, quaint town that was actually more ruralish, laidback than the actual city of Cape Town.

We headed to Boulder’s Beach, home of the Penguins and enjoyed climbing on the rocks, the ocean, and laying out for a bit!  We headed back into town and spent some time at the pier area which was neat because of the navy influence—Simon’s Town used to be a big naval base so the town is very navy oriented.  We spent some time looking at the shops and such before heading back and working on homework for the rest of the day.

Exciting news about College Game Day being in Wisconsin this week… should be a good Saturday for Husker fans—looks like I’ll be up late once again as it is a night game, oh well, it will be worth it I hope!

Alright, off to study… vertebrates, vertebrates, and more vertebrates!


False Bay and Simon’s Town from the Train


Such a Scenic Ride

Simon’s Town

Boulder’s Beach

False Bay from Boulder’s Beach

Breath Taking

Simon’s Town Pier



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