Adventure or Homework… Tough Decision?

The past few days have been some of the most fun here in South Africa.  They have been filled with adventures, meeting and hanging out with locals, exploring the city, and basically anything other than school work.

After class on Wednesday, I went downtown to explore the Long Street area, an area quite different during the day than at night.  It was filled with cute boutiques, restaurants, and shops with lots of souvenirs.  I continued to explore and made my way to the Parliament area and ended up at the Company Gardens—a grassy, open area where plenty of people were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather.  I stopped in at the South African Museum before exploring a bit more.

The next day, a few of us went downtown once again after school and hit up Eastern Bazaar, the biggest, cheapest, and best Indian restaurant I have ever been to!  We were sufficiently stuffed before we continued our exploring.  We headed towards Camps Bay area and spent some time walking along the beach and playing on the rocks.  It was yet again a gorgeous day out!  That night, I ended up going out with a few locals.  I met a girl named Lauren volunteering at Shawco earlier this week and she invited me out with her and her friends.  The tennis club at school was throwing a party, which I guess they do quite often.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect as this was on campus and it was a Thursday night but we showed up to about 400 people, a dance floor, a bar, and a whole lot of fun.  Thursday is a big going out night here so a bunch of people showed up to this party before going out to clubs and such.  I was shocked that this was going on at a university campus as it would be the last thing happening at Creighton!  They obviously had alcoholic drinks for sale and people were pretty drunk before the night was over.  I asked whether it was a fundraiser but I guess it was strictly just a party, alright!  Well, not going to lie, I was pretty tired but being as a guest with them, I kinda had to just go with the flow.  We ended up going to Claremont, a suburb pretty close to Rosebank, known for its nightlife.  We ended up getting back around four and I was up by eight for class—lets just say the next day was pretty rough, but I made it through!  I really enjoyed hanging out with local people, not just Americans, and the night was a lot of fun!

Today was National Heritage Day, pretty similar to the Fourth of July (or Independence Day) in America.  Essentially it is a day with lots of festivals and parties but it is also known for being National Braai Day.  A braai is basically a barbecue… on steroids.  It involves an unimaginable amount of meat, friends, music, and hanging out around the grill.  They surely know how to barbecue here—seriously some of the best I have ever had!  We had a braai for the entire IES program at our house and it was very successful!

The weather the past few days has been gorgeous—perfect spring weather… not too hot and not too cold.  Unfortunately I have a bunch of work to do as I have fallen behind a bit as exploring and adventuring has taken top priority over work lately… oops?  Ahh, I only have one semester here and I have to make the most of it… the homework and studying will get done, it always does, but I’m taking every opportunity to enjoy South Africa!

It’s 2 am… and it’s finally game time… Go Big Red!


Company Gardens

Explorers at Camps Bay

Can’t get over how beautiful this country is


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