Cape Town Explorer

Well, despite not being in Krueger enjoying a safari with the rest of my program, I had quite an enjoyable three days exploring and seeing new sights of Cape Town.  On Saturday, I headed to Haut Bay and walked around the harbor area.  It was a very San Francisco-like feel with plenty of fresh seafood and such available.  My favorite part were the seals—there were a bunch swimming and playing in the harbor area and there was even a local feeding one of them who was on the dock area, just a few feet from us.  The seal was catching the fish that the local was cutting up and feeding him—the local said that he has fed that particular seal for about two years and that they have become friends… needless to say, it was pretty adorable… and seals are much bigger than I imagined!  On Saturday night, I headed to campus to watch the Husker game.  The time change makes it pretty inconvenient to watch the games, but I will be watching none-the-less!  And the Big Ten network is wonderful as they stream all of the games online so I am able to watch just as if I were at home.  I do miss seeing all of the red around town on game day… however, I was sporting my Huskers shirt!  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the night games yet as a 7 o’clock night game in Nebraska correlates to a 2 am start time here in South Africa… those games might require a bit of a nap during the day so I can stay awake to watch the game!

On Sunday, I planned on going to Sea Point and Camp’s Bay but the weather wasn’t cooperating as it was pretty overcast and sprinkling on and off.  So I opted to visit Canal Walk in Century City.  Century City is essentially a private, upper-class city within Cape Town.  It is also home to the largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere, Canal City.  Although it doesn’t compare to the Mall of America, Canal City has more than four hundred stores and was definitely large enough to get one sufficiently lost… yeah, that may have happened!  But it was a very relaxing day and a good alternative for a bad weather day!

Today, I was able to explore Sea Point and Camp’s Bay and what a perfect day to do so as the weather couldn’t have been nicer!  Sea Point was fabulous—more than what I would have ever expected!  There were shops and shops galore with delicious-looking restaurants (don’t worry, I will be back soon!)… it was certainly a more touristy area.  For once I didn’t feel as if I was a part of the minority.  I spent a lot of time on the promenade that ran right next to the ocean, which was beautiful.  It was a California/Hawaii feel as there were palm trees and plenty of people outside enjoying the weather.  After seeing what Sea Point had to offer, I headed towards Camp’s Bay.  My goal of walking to Camp’s Bay was a little too adventurous and after quite a walk already, I settled to take a minibus the rest of the way.  Everything about Camp’s Bay was spectacular—lots of restaurants, a fun environment, and of course a gorgeous, white-sand beach.  I have never been a huge fan of the sand so I bought a relatively inexpensive beach mat and headed towards the beach!  And after seeing the beach, I rationalized the spending as the mat will be well put to use.  I literally sat on the beach and took in everything around me for a good four or five hours—it was exactly what I needed after a week of tests and papers… just a time to relax and enjoy life.  There were kids playing in the ocean and dogs running up and down the beach but hands down the best part of Camp’s Bay was the scenery that was indescribably beautiful with both the mountains and the ocean.  I stayed for the sunset before heading home.  It was such a wonderful day at the beach with the most perfect weather anyone could have hoped for.

Although it is really unfortunate that I wasn’t able to go on the trip with everyone, I’m glad that I was able to take the initiative and explore on my own rather than just sitting at home for three days.  I actually had a fabulous, fun-filled three days as I explored even more of what Cape Town has to offer.  I continue to fall in love with this amazing country with the more I see.  Tomorrow morning I leave for my biology field camp—I’ve heard that the place we are going is gorgeous… kind of seems like a common trend when describing South Africa huh!  It is a five day camp and we are a bit isolated—without cell phone or internet service.  So I will certainly update when I get back but I will be MIA for a few days!

Hope you had a fabulous labor day,


Hout Bay

A local with a seal at Houts Bay

A portion of the massive food court at Canal Walk

Camps Bay

Sunset at Camps Bay




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