Spring Break!

Well, I am officially done with midterms and it is now Spring Break!  I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I am to finally have some time to myself once again!  I have been cramming everything you would ever want to know about invertebrates into my mind the past week so if you ever want to know anything—just let me know!  As a whole, biology hasn’t been too difficult but rather it has just been a lot of information.  We were expected to know everything presented in class—so about forty different insect orders and groups, along with their scientific name, common name, and about ten details for each.  As you could imagine, it was quite daunting to study for.  On top of that, there were papers for history and gender along with a midterm exam for my health class—quite the midterms week to say the least!  Fortunately it is over and I think everything went well!

Originally I was supposed to head to Krueger National Park with the rest of my study abroad group for a spring break trip.  The trip was going to be fabulous—a safari, Johannesburg, Soweto, and so much more… and everything was already planned for us making the entire trip pretty darn easy!  Well, I am actually unable to go due to a biology field camp that I will be going on this week.  One of the requirements for my biology camp is this five day field camp where we will be seeing firsthand everything we have learned in class about invertebrates along with everything we will going to be learning about vertebrates during the next half of the semester.  Unfortunately it is a DP requirement so I am unable to write the final exam if I don’t go… well, that gave me little choice and I will be heading up the West Coast instead of going to Krueger.  I am pretty bummed about it as I know that the rest of the group is going to have a fabulous time but then again I’m staying positive about the field camp and hoping for the best possible time.  Some of the students in my biology camp went on a similar trip last semester and they said that they had a great time—that it was very relaxed, a lot of fun, and little work involved.  I’m hoping that it will be about the same and also a great way to meet more people in my class!  They also sent out a packing list and literally included in the packing list was “moderate quantities of alcohol”… from that alone, I’m expecting that it will be pretty laid back and fun.  Plus this is my professor who is really nice, fun, and laidback anyways so I’m hoping for the best!  Also, the place that we are going is supposed to be gorgeous, always a plus!

I have a few free days to explore Cape Town before I leave on Tuesday… I’m not really sure what I have planned yet but I know there will be plenty of adventure involved!  Also, I already have plans for 9:30 tomorrow night… I will be streaming the first Husker football game!  It kills me that I am missing most of the season but I’ll be cheering and sporting my red tomorrow, don’t you worry!

Go Big Red and yay for Spring Break!



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