5 Days!

Well, I have a countdown going as there are five days left until Spring Break and the end of craziness.  Essentially all of the papers and or tests other than the finals that exist in the school curriculum here all fall during midterms break or the week before finals.  So this is my first of two extremely crazy, busy weeks.  I have been working hard to stay on top of everything which has certainly paid off though… however, this has involved about two straight days of paper writing.  And paper writing, a humanities thing that I’m not so used to as I’m usually writing lab write-ups, not papers, so that has been an adjustment in itself!  Also, the library here is closed on Sundays… what in the world is up with that?  Doesn’t everyone know that Sunday is prime library day?  I guess that’s not the case here!

Yesterday, I was able to visit Old Biscuit Mill and once again I ate as if I’ve never been fed… it was fabulous!  We got there a bit earlier this time so it wasn’t as packed initially but as time went on it filled up… it’s definitely the place to be on Saturday morning in Cape Town.  The weather is starting to get pretty darn nice as well which is greatly appreciated.  I’ve never been a cold weather person so it’s only getting better each and every day!  Homework and studying has also been less miserable as I’ve been able to get a little bit of it done outside.  However, I’m waiting for the days that I can study on the beach!

Other than that, I’m having a definite withdrawal from home… well, let’s put it this way… there are certainly aspects of it that I am definitely missing… one of them being football.  You can’t exactly walk into a restaurant and watch a game so I am thinking that I will be streaming a lot of the Husker games… all that I am able to watch anyways!  It’s just definitely not the same as being at home and everyone getting ready for the season and such.  The nightly news here doesn’t consist of the most up to date Husker news… I’ll have to talk to them about adding that segment.  But in all seriousness, it’s hard being away from family and friends that mean so much to you for so long… and even the idea of home and a place that you know.  Cape Town has become my temporary home but it will never be home.  Being here though has certainly given me a new appreciation for home and everything I have in my life.

Miss and love you all,



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  1. Uncle Greg

    Hi Susan! I just got done with a marathon catch up on your blog. Last detailed read was mid. July, though I did read about your SHARK adventure and the helicopter crash on campus relatively near press time! I didn’t plan on being out of the loop this long but things on my end got a bit hectic. You should do well on the paper writing portion of your tests (unless the professor’s expectations are very esoteric!); your blog continues to demonstrate your excellent writing skills. All the best to you in the exams, etc. in the intense days ahead!!

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