Short and Sweet

Well, there isn’t too much to update everyone on as life has been pretty routine, consisting of classes, homework, studying, volunteering, and a little bit of fun mixed in!  I can hardly believe that we are already done with five weeks of school (well, ok officially tomorrow but anyways…)—it has gone so incredibly fast and unfortunately I’m going to be home before I know it!  I have officially passed my halfway point as well on my trip however there is not a countdown for home yet.

Other exciting news: I think my entire family gets to come visit!  I’m so ecstatic about it and I can’t wait to show them all around Cape Town!  It works out really convenient as well as I’ll get to fly home with them and we can be one big happy family again (alright, big is quite relative) but I am so stoked!!!  And it will hopefully workout that even David will be able to come, without missing much of college!  So, that has certainly been the exciting news lately and I have spent some time trying to devise an itinerary of things to do while they’re here but either way it’ll be fabulous to show them around!

We have just one more week of school before Spring Break… yes, Spring Break.  Spring Break means that half of the semester is over (which again is just crazy) but it’s also a great time for teachers to schedule papers and tests… sarcasm to its finest.  I have either a test or a substantial paper for every class due this next week so I have tried to stay on top of everything and balance out all of the work.  I’m not really sure what to expect on the tests and they’re pretty nit picky about papers so it should be an interesting week—hopefully not too stressful!

Well, I am off to finish studying before calling it a night!



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