New Obsession with the Old Biscuit Mill

Week two of school is finished and I am certainly getting adjusted to life as a UCT student.  I’m pretty confident with knowing my surroundings around campus and I’m getting to know some of the people in my classes (the locals).  However, one thing I haven’t quite figured out yet are all of the Jammie Routes—they probably have twelve to fourteen different routes with a few buses on each route and lots of different stops and such… so it is pretty much always a gamble when I get on if I will end up in the right place or not… I have gotten quite the extensive tour while on the Jammie of the surrounding area however!  Fortunately it works out that my classes don’t begin until 10 but I went to campus early on Friday to get some things done… well, that was the wrong decision.  Almost all of the students take the Jammie from the lower campus to the upper campus, where most of the classes are.  Well, I got there at peak time so the Jammie line was ridiculous… the line zigzagged back and forth about seven or eight times before the line formed back towards the residence halls as a few hundred students were waiting for the shuttles.  UCT literally hires workers who sport bright yellow vests that say “Jammie Shuttle Officials,” due to the amount of students and staff that use the Jammie … well, I certainly learned my lesson about going early!

Life is still going well and despite school we still have found time to hangout and enjoy our time in Cape Town.  Yesterday we went to an acoustic concert, similar to the one we went to a week ago, and it was fabulous!  Cape Town has a great music scene and I’ve really enjoyed the live music with friends!  We’ve also had lots of movie nights, hangout nights, and cooking nights.  We all live so close together that we are often together after school and throughout the night, whether it be doing school work or just hanging out… all of the people on my program are great and we’ve all gotten so, so close the past month!

Being away for the entire summer (as I left in May), there were certainly a few things I was going to miss about my favorite season… one of which was the Farmer’s Market.  We have a pretty legit Farmer’s Markey downtown in Lincoln and especially within the last few years, I’ve really enjoyed going down on Saturday mornings and walking around, seeing all of the venders and such.  Well, I was presently surprised by the Old Biscuit Mill, a similar-type market that they have here in Cape Town.  We’ve been so busy on the weekends with field trips and preplanned events that we didn’t have a free Saturday morning until today.  The market was spectacular with food, venders, and shops everywhere!  If you know me at all, I absolutely love food so I was basically in heaven!  There were tons of samples… of which I took full advantage… so I was very satisfied.  They literally had everything from a huge omelet bar to pizza to hamburgers and ostrich burgers to waffles to pancake balls to curry and lots of traditional food and just about anything and everything you could imagine.  We got lucky with the weather as it was perfect out so we spent lots of time just hanging out and enjoying the morning before we had to head back and do actual school work.  But the wait for the hyped up Old Biscuit Mill was well worth it… and I can assure you that I will venture towards downtown many more Saturday mornings while I’m here.

I have exciting things planned for tomorrow, but I’ll leave you in some suspense!



Yum 🙂


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