Falling into the Routine at UCT

My first week of school is almost done and I have been settling into the routine at UCT.  I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out my schedule as I have to finalize it tomorrow.  I’ve run into problems trying to get classes to transfer home but I think that I have it worked out now!  I also had a class that ran from 3-5 and quite honestly, I wasn’t too into the class so I opted out of taking that class and switched to another class earlier in the day… so now instead of staying on campus until 5, I am only staying till 1… much better schedule wise!

Classes have been going well so far but I definitely underestimated the difficulty of the classes here.  To be honest, I didn’t think they would be all that difficult but surely I was wrong!  For example, my biology class is called “Life on Land: Animals” and the first half of the semester focuses on invertebrates while the second half focuses on vertebrates.  For the first three or so weeks, we are learning about thirty classes of bugs in-depth… like how many of their appendages are used for mouthpieces and what distinct features each one has and where they live, what they eat, etc.  So, it is a lot of work… but hopefully it will be a lot more interesting come the second half of the semester!  Also, yesterday in my “Understanding Gender” class, we were talking about the roles of men and women in society and why they were so concrete.  I was shocked when one guy suggested the idea of a man staying home and taking care of the children.  Now, in America this isn’t all that rare and certainly not something completely out of the question.  But, everyone laughed at his comment and thought the idea was completely crazy… I was shocked by the response!  I countered and explained how that was actually quite common in America and they were all dumbfounded.  Although this class is focused around gender, it will be equally as interesting to see their perception and their ideas on issues.

We are certainly getting to know campus much better—finding all the ins and outs of the place, which is of course huge!  Along with the food court, they have food stands up and down Jameson mall, the main mall that runs through campus and it is just about some of the best and unhealthiest food you could ever ask for!  The food is all surprisingly very cheap here… whether it is eating out (in which case almost every restaurant has some sort of deal going on) or eating on campus where you can get a legitimate meal for just about $3.  So, I am one happy camper as the food is cheap but very good!  On the food note, I am learning the ways around the kitchen.  As I have been on a meal plan at Creighton the past two years, I have had very, very little cooking experience so I am slowly learning!  Tonight I even cooked myself chicken and vegetables… and I was quite proud of my accomplishments… ha!

We have had a lot of Alma house bonding lately and the five of us are really getting to know each other… and having a lot of fun doing so!  Last night we went to Gina’s (a girl who lives in the house with me) friend’s concert… ironically they were playing at a café only about a block away so we headed over to check it out the live music and it was fantastic!  All of the music was acoustic and it was a great atmosphere… a mix of locals and international students.  They call it “folk” music but it’s certainly not the folk music that we are use to in America.  There is a big festival next week so I think we’re going to try to check that out as well!

One more day then it’s the weekend J!



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