Back in Cape Town!

Well, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  Today was filled with a lot of driving as we headed back towards Cape Town from Sedgefield as it was the final day of the “Cape to Addo” tour.  I can certainly say that I saw a lot in a week’s time and definitely had a lot of fun while doing so.  Although it seems like the trip went so incredibly fast, when looking back, it seems like the penguins and Falls Bay were forever ago so we sure had one jammed packed week here in South Africa.  I also got to see a lot of the Garden Route which was incredibly gorgeous along with some of the Eastern Cape, up to Port Elizabeth.  I was surprised by how big South Africa really is… it is a bit deceiving looking at a map but the drive from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town itself is just about nine hours long.  South Africa is comparable size-wise to Texas, so it’s pretty darn big… well, a lot bigger than I expected it to be anyways!

We had a perfect start to the day as we enjoyed breakfast on the roof that overlooked the ocean before hitting the road.  Fortunately we made a few stops along the way as we headed back to Cape Town, breaking up the five hour drive that remained.  We stopped at the aloe ferox factory and got the rundown on how they make aloe from the plant.  It was neat seeing the bright, yellow canola fields as well as the scenery changed from forest to countryside.  We also  passed by Mossel Bay, a small town known for having the most dense population of great white sharks… don’t worry, we opted out of the take a quick swim for a break option and continued towards Cape Town.  As we approached Cape Town, we got a fabulous view of Table Mountain and Sun Valley, a perfect spot to see both the sunrise and the sunset.  My list of things to do here in Cape Town keeps growing and I hope to see them all in the time I’m here!

I was dropped off at my backpackers and I explored a bit of the city before having about a two-hour political talk with an older, random guy here at the hostel.  Despite being named Mark from South Africa, he claimed to have an alter ego named “Bob” from Kentucky… you can only imagine how the “political conversation” went as some of his ideas were a bit out there.  It’s funny how you say that you’re from America and literally one of the first questions is something political related either about the government or Obama himself.  The rest of the night I explored a bit of the neighborhood I am in—I didn’t wander too far as I was alone and clearly don’t know the neighborhood what-so-ever but what I saw seemed pretty cool!  I am not living the rough life (just kidding) and am cooking for myself so I stopped at the grocery store and shopped around before heading back for the night.

A random fact of the day for you: Crocodiles do not have sex chromosomes so their sex is not determined through genetics.  Rather, the sex of a crocodile is determined by the incubation temperature of the eggs within the nest.  The eggs at the top of the nest develop into males and are exposed to more sunlight thus are warmer.  The eggs at the bottom develop into females… reason being that the females have to be protected as obviously they are the ones that are producing the offspring.  Interesting huh!

Well, tomorrow I get to move into my house so I’m really stoked for that!  But I’m exhausted from a week of traveling so I’m off to bed!



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