Rain, Rain, and More Rain

The last few days have certainly made up for the drought that this part of South Africa has experienced over the past few years. Being on the farm, the rain has certainly made the work quite dirty and messy—but the work must still be done so we continue despite the rain!

On my day off, I woke up and literally thought the cabin was going to fly away… well, I kind of woke up… I didn’t get much sleep as it was beyond windy outside (thus in the cabin as well) and the rain hitting the tin roof was very loud. The cracks in the windows let through a lot of the wind so I tried to block the window that is right next to my face with my pillow (leaving me pillowless 😦 ) but even that didn’t help much. Having my off-day on such a crappy-weather day had both its negatives and positives—we had to stick to shopping at the mall in Jeffrey’s Bay for the morning portion until the afternoon cleared up a bit and we were able to meander over to the center of town. Jeffrey’s Bay is known for its surfing and is gearing up for hosting a huge Billabong Surfing Event in about a week—so big-name surfers are all flocking into Jeffrey’s Bay for the annual event—kind of cool! Because it is such a hot spot surfing destination, there are name brand stores everywhere… from Billabong to Element to Roxy to Quicksilver, etc. This also means outlet stores galore. We shopped at a few before they all closed around three as it was a Saturday… I was a bit shocked that the stores were closing as it being Saturday rarely dictates store closing times in America! And yes mom and dad, I’ll answer your question that I know is immediately popping into your head of oh great, how much did she spend this time… And actually I didn’t spend anything… you should be proud… love you both! It ended up clearing up just a bit and the sun popped out so we spent the rest of the off-day walking around at the beach and hanging out before heading back to the farm. We’re pretty darn isolated out here so it was nice having a day to go into town and explore a bit—you know, seeing that the rest of humanity still exists! I have also been pretty disconnected from everyone as there is no such thing as WIFI out here on the farm and I hadn’t had a chance to get a new SIM card for my phone. While in town, I had the chance to get both a SIM card and an internet chip (despite the internet connection still being pretty dodgy here even with the chip) so I am a bit more connected to the world and even got to inform my parents that I am indeed still breathing and surviving over here in Africa.

Other than that, life on the farm is still hard work but pretty great… like I said, a bit chaotic and messy with all of the rain (and plenty of near wipeouts while carrying many plates of food… but no actual wipeouts yet…)! The rain has also given us some more time to hang out and enjoy being with the animals as some of the jobs are just axed for the day as we can’t exactly rake up seed and it is pointless to rinse out the birdbaths with all of the rain—so there are some positives that come with all of the rain! We’ve watched a few movies, talked a lot, spent a bunch of time just hanging out with the animals, and Anne and I have pseudo planned our mini-excursion to Cape Town via Knysna (and maybe another city—we’ll see!). Originally I was suppose to volunteer at each program for two weeks but because I had to work around some set dates, it ended up that this was the shortest by a few days to begin with—and now that Anne and I are traveling on our off-days, I actually only have a few days left here at African Dawn. My last official day of work is Wednesday and then I’ll head off to Knysna with Anne via a sketchy backpackers bus and find somewhere to stay for a few nights or so—but it will surely be a fun adventure!

Alright, it’s been a tiring day of work (although also very enjoyable as I was able to spend a lot of time with the animals today as well) but I’m off to bed so I can get up early and start the routine once again! Miss you all and good luck to my brother (David) and all of Chaos at Regionals for soccer—wish I could be there cheering you all on one last time!



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