Relaxing day!

Today was much more of a relax day compared to the past few–we slept in, then Kristine, Louise, and I went to the market just a bit down the road (about a mile or so) and did some souvenir shopping–all of the items were handmade with very intricate designs.  Of course everything is much less expensive here compared to home, especially for the work put into the artwork and figurines.  Afterwards, we came back to the hostel and then I made my way to the grocery store to get some food–unfortunately we are on our own for food so it can get a bit expensive but a loaf of bread with some sandwich meat along with cereal should do the trick (yes for frosted flakes!).  I came back to the hostel and basically had a bum afternoon which was very nice-hungout by the pool, napped, etc.  Every day they serve free crepes at 3:30 (which really means 4 or so), so we enjoyed the snack then napped in the hot sun the rest of the afternoon.  For dinner, we went to a local art and music restaurant where they showcase local artists as you eat a traditional, local Zambian dinner.  The food was amazing-peanut chicken something with vegetables and ischima (a corn-based product eaten with your hands).

It was nice having a bit of a relaxing day compared to the past few as I prepare to start teaching tomorrow–don’t really know what to expect with this whole teaching thing however.  I believe I will be teaching English along with some other random subjects throughout at Libala Basic School (up to grade 9) in a local village area.  So, we shall see… but for now, off to bed 🙂

Love love love,



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  1. Uncle G

    Hi Susan! What an amazing adventure, and it’s just getting started!

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