I’ve arrived!

Ahh! Life is fabulous! I have arrived in Zambia and am safe and sound!

The flights over weren’t bad at all, went rather fast actually!  I said a sad goodbye to the family then flew from Omaha to Dallas, had a short layover then flew from Dallas to London.  The 8 1/2 hour flight went quick as I was out most of the flight (and the sleep was definitely needed).  I had about a five hour layover in London but luckily there was plenty of duty-free shopping, Harrahs, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, etc. to keep one busy during the layover!  Then I boarded my next flight and headed to Johannesburg, South Africa… took British Airlines–amazing!  We were even offered free wine with our dinner–not too bad!  This was just over a 10 1/2 hour flight but again it went fast as I slept through most of it… definitely making up for the sleep lost during finals week.  Then I had a short layover before heading to Livingstone, Zambia.  As we flew into Livingstone, we flew right over Victoria Falls (which is right at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia)–definitely an unbelievable sight!

When I arrived, I checked in and met my roommates, Christine and Louis, both from Canada and we cliqued instantly.  They have already shown me around the area, helped me get a cell phone, we went out for dinner, and have spent lots of time getting to know each other.  They are both nursing students from Canada, a few years older however.  Keep in mind that I got into Zambia about noon today.  They asked me to join them on a safari tomorrow–so of course I decided it would be a great idea as I don’t start teaching until Monday.  So, at 7 am tomorrow we are off to Botswana for a full day safari… wow.

I can’t believe this is reality right now and the shock has still yet to really hit but I am excited for whatever comes my way and of course will make the most of every opportunity!

Also, very special thank-you to a certain someone (you know who you are) for the wonderful care package that made the flights go a little bit faster 🙂  I loved it.

Miss you all already,




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2 responses to “I’ve arrived!

  1. sharissa stewart

    So glad to hear you got there safe! I love hearing all the details, I’m just gonna pretend I’m there too 🙂 have fun tomorrow!

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